Sustainable cosmetics: the future of green beauty takes shape

People all over the world are getting more and more environmentally conscious giving preference to sustainable and natural beauty products, so the market of cosmetics tagged “bio” is growing day by day. However, this growth is difficult to measure because the definitions of sustainable and natural beauty products vary from country.

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Know your customers

People can be characterized by different behaviour as customers – it should be taken into account by providers of services, including those working in the wellness sector.

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VET institutions in Finland have minimized carbon footprint

On February 1-5, 2021 the semifinal of the national skills competition Taitaja was conducted in Finland. This time the event was held online, but it did not prevent 1 520 VET students from participation. Beauty Therapy was one of the skills assessed during the competition. During the assessment, not only professional skills were evaluated, but also sustainable and economic use of materials.

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Welcome to “Skills for Wellness”!

Here you will find information and tools for evaluating and improving professional skills of staff working in the wellness sector.

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